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Ya han pasado dos años desde que llegamos a California tras un paréntesis de otro año viviendo y trabajando en Madrid. El blog sigue su curso, esta vez más centrado en este "life'changing event" que nos está pasando. Y como siempre (o casi)el blog sigue llegando...¡¡¡EN ESPAÑOL!!! Sumamos y seguimos, y añadimos un nuevo miembro a nuestra familia: Sarita Do-Fernández.

miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2005

I miss some holidays I became familiar with while living in California, but that are not necessarily American. In November, they celebrate "El Dia de Los Muertos", or what is the same, "The Day of the Dead". I think Latin American people picked a very cool way to honor their ancestors, their "deads". They depict them in happy ways, like this surfer dude. Death is just a part of life, and surrounding it by negativeness, sadness and solemnity is not a very nice way to celebrate the lives of those who died, and also lived. If life is better than death, then we should make a colourful holiday.

In Spain it is all the opposite: also in November, people just go to the cemetry and usually cry in front of the tombstones. I'd much rather have all the flowers, the food fests... It is ironic how in Spain, a place typically known for how lively people are, has such a way of remembering those who were alive.


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