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Ya han pasado dos años desde que llegamos a California tras un paréntesis de otro año viviendo y trabajando en Madrid. El blog sigue su curso, esta vez más centrado en este "life'changing event" que nos está pasando. Y como siempre (o casi)el blog sigue llegando...¡¡¡EN ESPAÑOL!!! Sumamos y seguimos, y añadimos un nuevo miembro a nuestra familia: Sarita Do-Fernández.

sábado, 22 de abril de 2006

Three months left to go.
Kids are roudy, and we are too, I guess. Online classes are over for me and nearly for Vinh, so now we have to concentrate on the moving. Gosh, I just get tired with thinking about it. Thank god we got some time off to decompress. Galicia and Oporto were so beautiful! Galicia welcomed us with the nicest weather and the nicest people as well. Food and wine were... superb! Too bad I was the designated driver for the trip.
Oporto was Portugal. Not quite as charming as Lisboa, but Portugal nevertheless, which is enough for me in itself.
Mallorca awaits. So for now I will look forward to that and enjoy it in a week.
We'll worry and sadden about the moving right after.


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